Fascial counterstrain

Inge Hindel, MD

Fascial Counterstrain Manual Therapy

Welcome to Body Unbound!

As a primary care physician with over 25 years of experience, including functional medicine, nutrition, and herbs, I continue to be astonished by the healing capacity of living systems. Though I have loved my time as a physician, I opened Body Unbound to feature a form of physical treatment for pain and restriction known as fascial counterstrain.

Fascial counterstrain is a precise and gentle way of releasing restrictions and tensions in the body. These restrictions can be in any system and are thought to have originated from the body's instinct to protect itself through reflexive tightening of fascia. Once restrictions are released, there can be remarkable improvements in pain, movement and function of virtually any structure of the body.

Improvements are less common when there are severe underlying diseases; advanced wear and tear of the body; or ongoing stress and inflammation. However, we have seen a surprising number of conditions thought to be permanent, or irreversible aging, show marked improvements with fascial counterstrain.
This technique allows the body to release tension and reignite its own inherent healing.

Welcome to my world of wonderment!

Inge has been in Portland for more than 25 years. Her early years were in New England, Germany, and Cleveland, and she has also lived in Nepal, Guatemala and Colombia. Inge has worked primarily at the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in Cornelius, preceded by Brewster and Orcas, WA, Portland Providence UC Centers, Pearl Health Center, as well as her own private practice, Salvia Medical. Her interests include languages, cultures, art, poetry, dance and walking in the woods. Her adult children live in New York City and Albuquerque.


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MD, University of Connecticut

Ph.D, Medical Anthropology, University of Connecticut

Family Medicine internship/residency, Swedish Hospital, Seattle


American Board of Family Medicine

Counterstrain Academy


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