ELEVATE HEALTH Fees, Forms and Insurance

Fees at Elevate Health

Primary Care and Functional Medicine with Membership Plan

  • Adults, age 25 and greater: $150 per month
  • Patients, age 24 and younger: $75 per month.
  • When at least one parent is enrolled, the first two children under age 25 are $35 each per month. Additional children are included.

Yes, We Take Insurance

And we're happy to help you navigate it! As a courtesy, Sandra Johnson, Office Manager at Elevate Health, will assist you with your benefit and/or insurance information.

However, this is not a guarantee of benefits or payment by your insurance company. The insurance companies have declared that all services are subject to any limitations or exclusions that are in effect at the time you or your family member receives services.

All benefits, coverage, eligibility, claims status, and effective date information provided by the insurance company is dependent upon information available at the time the inquiry is made.

Membership fees are not covered by insurance. However, with some FSA and HSA plans, those funds can be used to pay for the monthly fee.   

Peaceful and cozy reception area at Elevate Health
Peaceful and cozy reception area at Elevate Health

Forms and Policies for Patients

Enjoy whole-body care when you sign up for a membership!

Receive four BioMat sessions with your new membership.


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