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At Elevate Health, your primary care and family medicine provider addresses your healthcare needs at all stages of life, including health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. Your provider is your first stop for evaluation of undiagnosed symptoms, and is a focal point for all needed health care services. 

Personalized Medical Care

Because we keep our patient panel size small, we are able to spend more time with you and to get to know you as the unique individual that you are in order to provide more personalized service. While a physician in a typical primary care clinic will be responsible for the care of 1000-2000 patients, we limit our primary care practice to 400 patients. This ensures that each person gets individualized attention and easier access.

Elevate Health providers learn to understand your unique perspective, needs and preferences. They enjoy, and are experienced in, caring for people of all ages - from newborns to the elderly.

Primary care at Elevate Health:

  • Provides comprehensive annual preventive exams with appropriate screening diagnostics.
  • Addresses urgent issues such as acute infections and injuries.
  • Evaluates, diagnoses and treats chronic symptoms and health concerns with a functional medicine “root cause” approach.
  • Assesses the need for specialist consultation and refers to recommended providers.
  • Reviews, interprets and clarifies specialist findings and recommendations.
  • Communicates with specialists to coordinate care.
  • Prescribes and monitors chronic medications and supplements.
  • Provides patient advocacy.
  • Provides health education.
  • Coordinates your care with our nutrition counselor and health coach. Because your lifestyle choices are vital to the health you experience, Elevate Health provides nutritional counseling and health coaching as part of your wellness plan.
  • Coordinates your care with our psychologist, massage therapist and acupuncturist if you are utilizing their services. 
  • Responds in a timely way to communications and requests, and expedites processing of referrals and prior authorizations.

You can expect same-day or next-business day urgent care appointments, 24/7 access to primary care via video, phone and secure messaging, and timely responses to your questions.


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Learn more about the functional medicine approach Dr. Perkins uses.

Learn more about nutrition counseling and health coaching services included in your membership.

Enjoy the health benefits of membership!
Enjoy the health benefits of membership!

Membership-based Primary Care FAQ

I have a primary care doctor I like.  Can I still consult with you for a functional medicine perspective of my health issues?

Yes, as a member, you can use Dr. Perkins and her team however best suits your needs. Some people use them just for functional medicine consultation.

What is the difference between family medicine and internal medicine?

Family medicine practitioners are primary care providers that are board certified in the treatment of people from birth to old age. They are trained in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, geriatrics, and women’s health including prenatal care, labor and delivery. They have surgical training, and for those that practice in remote areas, may be performing appendectomies, gall bladder surgery, caesarean sections and more. Internal medicine providers may be generalists that provide primary care, or they may go on to specialty training in a particular field such as cardiology, oncology or gastroenterology. 

What procedures do family medicine providers perform?

Our providers are trained and skilled in a variety of procedures including skin biopsies, lipoma and mole excision, cryotherapy of moles and warts, abscess drainage, cyst removal, toenail removal, laceration suturing, splinting, pap smears, colposcopy (advanced diagnostic for cervical cancer), and ear lavage.  

What if I have to go to the hospital?  Do you have hospital privileges?

We do not admit patients to the hospital. If you need hospital care, we will coordinate your admission through the Emergency Department or the appropriate specialist. You will be followed by a hospitalist and one or more specialists, if indicated. Our team will be in communication with them as needed to optimize your care.  

Do you have after-hours coverage?

Dr. Perkins and Kristin Bourret share after-hours call coverage. When you call the clinic after hours, you will be prompted to leave a message that will be immediately forwarded to whoever is on call.

Enjoy whole-body care when you sign up for a membership!

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